França, 2016, 13’


direção / director Camilo Restrepo

roteiro / script  Camilo Restrepo

produção / production GREC Association, Represented by Anne Luthaud

som / sound Mathieu Farnarier

direção de fotografia / cinematography Guillaume Mazloum, Camilo Restrepo

montagem / editing Bénédicte Cazauran, Camilo Restrepo

contato /contact


Reunion Island, French colony. In order to honor a promise made to her mother, a woman disembarks in search of her father – The Mouth – and receives the only preliminary news that he has died. Cilaos is the name of this funereal ceremony in which frame, cut and word, obsessed by the timbres of the maloya rhythm and by the ferocious presence of the personage, provoke the vertigo of a modern musical destined to the resurrection. The musician Christine Salem lends to the film body, voice, music and co-authoring of the texts. BY LUÍS FERNANDO MOURA